1.  Grivory is the trade name for a group of technical thermoplastics manufactured and distributed by EMS-GRIVORY.


2.  Grivory HT is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic construction material based on Polyphthalamide (PPA).


3.  Grivory HT is characterised by its high-performance properties.


4.  Technical injection-moulded parts made from Grivory HT retain their shape even at high operating temperatures.


5.  In terms of characteristics such as stiffness and strength, among the most important in metal replacement, Grivory HT outperforms materials such as PPS or PEEK at operating temperatures up to 120°C.


6.  Grivory HT is used for the efficient manufacture of high-quality technical components that are characterised by:

·    Stiffness and strength at high operating temperatures

·    Little change in property values after absorption of water

·    Good dimensional stability and low warpage

·    Good chemical resistance

·    Good surface quality

·    Economical production


Grivory HT grades

- Grivory HT1: PA6T/6I

- Grivory HT2: PA6T/66

- Grivory HT3: PA10T/X

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