1.  High impact polystyrene (HIPS) is a tough plastic that has excellent impact strength, high stiffness and excellent Moldability but reduced transparency.


2.  HIPS is used for household appliances (TV housings, exterior of air-conditioner, etc.), office automation apparatus (housing for a copying machine, printer, etc.), toys, housewares, frozen food tray, bottles for a lactic acid drink, cups for ice cream, yogurt, tofu, etc.


3.  HIPS characteristics:-

·    Low residual monomer

·    Easy processing

·    Good heat resistance

·    High impact strength

·    Base color stability

·    Well-balanced mechanical properties with high impact and excellent flexural strength

·    Super high impact

·    High gloss with toughness

·    Medium-impact with high heat resistance

·    Applicable to Flame-retardant grade

·    Excellent processability

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