1.  General purpose polystyrene (GPPS) is one of the most widely used kinds of plastic that has excellent transparency, high stiffness and excellent moldability (injection, extrusion, foam molding, etc.).


2.   GPPS is used for disposable cups, case for a box lunch and a household dishes, confectionary tray, package, CD cases, container for a seasoning, various films, etc.


3.    Moldings of excellent transparency and beautiful color and appearance.


4.    Excellent processability with high production efficiency.


5.    Superior electrical and mechanical properties Super high molecular weight (over MW: 320,000)


6.    Wide range moldability and highly improved mechanical properties.


7.    Uses for specific purpose such as:

·      Large-sized moldings

·      Complex-shaped moldings

·      Thin-walled moldings

·      Foam extrusion moldings

·      Biaxially oriented polystyrene sheet (B.O.P.S)

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