1.  Grilon TS is the brand name for engineering plastics based on polyamide 6 + polyamide 66 manufactured by EMS-GRIVORY.


2.  With the manufacture of special polyamide 6 + polyamide 66 alloys, EMS-GRIVORY has succeeded in further improving the already outstanding properties of Grilon.


3.  Due to their excellent properties, these materials can be used in a wide variety of application segments such as the automotive industry, electrical / electronic technology, sport and leisure as well as in mechanical engineering.


4.  The products in this group are semi-crystalline polyamide materials characterised by the following properties:

·    High strength and stiffness

·    High impact strength

·    High heat deflection temperature

·    Good abrasion and surface slip (friction) properties

·    Resistance to many chemicals

·    Good electrical properties

·    Economic processing


5.  The various Grilon grades differ from each other according to the type and composition of the basic polymers as well as their modification with stabilisers, processing aids and reinforcing materials (minerals, glass, carbon and steel fibers).

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