Grilamid L


1.     Grilamid L Polyamide 12 (PA12) is formed by the polymerisation of laurolactam, a ring-shaped, long-chain monomer with 12 carbon atoms.


2.     Laurolactam, often called lactam 12, is obtained in a complex, multiple-step process from the basic raw material butadiene.


3.     EMS is backward integrated for lactam 12 and produces it in a joint-venture where EMS holds a two-third majority.


4.     Grilamid L PA12 has a series of exceptional properties such as:

·       very low water absorption and excellent dimensional stability

·       very good resistance to chemicals and weathering

·       excellent hydrolysis resistance

·       lowest density among all polyamides

·       high impact strength down to –40°C

·       wide processing window, problem-free processing

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