Grilamid 1S


1.     Grilamid 1S polyamide 1010 (PA1010) is created through poly-condensation of decanediamine and sebacic acid.


2.     Both monomers are obtained from a multiple-step chemical process from the renewable bio raw material castor oil.


3.     Polyamide 1010 is based to nearly 100 per cent on renewable raw materials.


4.     Bio-based products in the Grilamid 1S series are sold by EMS-GRIVORY under the general term GreenLine.


5.     Special features of Grilamid 1S PA1010 are:

·       nearly 100% use of renewable basic raw materials (in relation to the polymer)

·       very low water absorption and excellent dimensional stability

·       good resistance to chemicals and weathering

·       low density

·       wide processing window, problem-free processing

·       a direct bio-alternative to PA12

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