Company Profile


Padmini Innovative Marketing Solutions Pvt. Ltd is a leading Polymer Distributor in India, with expert technical consultation with the supplier it provides solution to its customers, in a short period of time it has developed long term relationships with many manufacturers on pan India basis by providing Engineering and Super Engineering polymers.

Established in Mumbai in 2013, Padmini’s promoters have vast experience in the polymer industry since the last two decades and have provided solutions to many end users and part suppliers in selecting the suitable polymers for their products and applications. They have seen evolution of the polymer industry from the nascent stages and they believe "We understand polymer better"

Besides all this, Padmini has a highly experienced sales team and engineers who provide commercial advice and technical support at every stage of the project, Product development and along with material processing guidance.

Representing the world's leading polymers innovators and manufacturers in India, Padmini has an array of Engineering polymers which has the capability to cater to many industry verticals right from Pen to Aeroplane.

Needless to say, Quality, Compliance and Customer Satisfaction are part of Padmini’s DNA and are confident in saying "Once our Customer, you will always remain our Customer"


High Quality | Reliability | Flexibility | Strength

Provide engineering polymers and service-based solutions that accelerate customer’s business and contribute to India’s growth.



To be the most trusted partner for supplying their polymer needs and developing new products and innovation necessary for their successful growth.


MSME Certificate

Core Strength

  • Global Supplier
  • Unique product portfolio
  • Pan India customers
  • Strong technical competencies
  • Import and Logistics expertise


We understand your product application and deliver the right polymer

Padmini’s engineering expertise lies in evaluating your current product and applications and how to optimise ROI by converting metal parts to polymer. This expertise comes from 20+ years experience of the promoters in this engineering polymer industry.

Metal to plastic conversion requires understanding of the area of application of the product and deep knowledge of the polymer composition. This is the expertise and recommendation that our customers rely on and we deliver it.

Right from automotive to industrial pumps to defence to consumer electronics many manufacturers take our expertise in conversion by reducing the part weight, eliminating lead, lightning the load and lowering the total cost of manufacturing there by increasing the ROI

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