In recent years, the polyimide resin AURUM has been attracting increasing attention due to its outstanding properties.


Its application range is expanding into a variety of areas, going beyond the boundaries of the electronics industry.


AURUM is an entirely new type of thermoplastic polyimide resin developed by Mitsui Chemicals on its own, making full use of its technology. The expansion of the application range of AURUM has been made possible because of its thermoplasticity, which is suitable for injection moulding and extrusion, as well as its unparalleled high heat resistance and mechanical and electrical properties.


  • Super-high heat resistance

Usable at up to 240°C (glass transition temparature:250°C)


  • Satisfactory sliding properties

A low, stable coefficient of friction and low friction wear


  • Outstanding dimensional stability

Stable coefficient of expansion and satisfactory creep characteristics


  • Exceptionally clean properties

Trace amounts of outgas and metallic impurities

  • Polymers