1.  Polyacetal, also commonly known as acetal or polyoxymethylene (POM), is a formaldehyde-based, semi-crystalline engineering thermoplastic which contains the functional group of a carbon bonded to two -OR groups.


2.  It is 100% recyclable. POM is known as polyformaldehyde, polymethylene glycol and polyoxymethylene glycol.


3.  Polyoxymethyene resins demonstrate well-balanced properties ranging for mechanical to physical and flammability performance.


4.  The key benefits of POM resins include:

·       Excellent mechanical properties over a temperature range upto 140°C, down to -40°C

o   High tensile strength, rigidity and toughness (short-term)

o   Low tendency to creep (as compared to nylon) and fatigue (long-term). Not susceptible to environmental stress cracking

·       High degree of crystallinity and excellent dimensional stability

·       Excellent wear resistance

·       Low coefficient of friction

·       Good resistance to organic solvents and chemicals (except phenols) at room temperature

·       Low smoke emission

·       High gloss surfaces

·       Low moisture absorption

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