1.   Delivering mechanically demanding application performance, as well as lower weight, reliability, durability and reduced manufacturing costs through PAEK-based composite application development.


2.   Victrex are employing innovative PAEK-based composites to accelerate and expand markets within focus industries, working with customers to define solutions to address specific and unmet needs.


3.   VICTREX PAEK-based composites are the solution of choice for applications that demand the performance of PEEK, combined with increased mechanical properties.


4.   The result is a composite material that offers comparable performance with metals as well as many additional benefits

·       Fatigue resistance and strength comparable to metals, But a metal alternative is needed

·       High strength and stiffness to weight ratio

·       Improved damage tolerance compared with thermoset composite material

·       Tailored mechanical properties, including localized reinforcement, within the component

·       Victrex’s thermoplastic composites are up to 60% lighter than metals and metal alloys

·       Greater durability in harsh chemical environments compared to metals

·       Radiolucency with no imaging artefacts

·       Biological inertness and low tissue adhesion

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Energy
  • Healthcare