1.   From the ocean floor to outer space long-term reliability of thermoplastic pipes in demanding operating conditions is the key to sustainable success.


2.   With all of the benefits of VICTREX PEEK polymer in a pipe and tube format, VICTREX Pipes are a proven alternative to metal that can help enhance system performance.


3.   VICTREX Pipes are extruded from VICTREX PEEK Polymer and offer the properties of the high performance thermoplastic in a tube format.


4.   VICTREX Pipes are semi-finished shapes which are incorporated by our customers into their products.


5.   Our customers can provide complete tubing systems due to their forming, lining, sheathing and jointing technologies that they have developed.


6.   VICTREX Pipes can be bent, flared and formed using heat and conventional tube bending equipment.


7.   A variety of jointing technology has been tested, including bonding, fusion welding and mechanical connectors, such as crimped, swaged or clamped connectors.

·       Up to 70% weight reduction vs. equivalent Stainless steel tubing

·       Ability to bend and form allows for complex tube system design

·       Aerospace-approved polymer at major aircraft OEMs with a track record spanning 25 years

·       Non-corrosive and excellent resistance to aerospace fluids

·       Smooth interior surface allows for minimal fluid friction loss in service

·       Vibration dampening features

·       High ductility and robustness, tolerating a high degree of deformation without breaking

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Energy