1.   Clariant Masterbatches is a recognized global leader in color and additive concentrates and performance solutions for plastics.


2.   Brand owners, product manufacturers, designers and plastics processors around the world rely on Clariant Masterbatches to help enhance the market appeal and the end-use performance of plastic products, packaging or Fibers.


3.   Our expertise covers diverse markets such as Automotive & Transportation, Consumer Goods, Packaging, Fibers & Textile, Healthcare, and Electronics.


4.   In each of these markets, our products, technology and application service will give you the competitive advantage you need.




1.  Clariant brings dramatic color to plastic resins and all applications.


2.  Color that identifies form and function.


3.  Clariant products include REMAFIN masterbatches for polyolefin polymers, RENOL masterbatches for high-performance engineering thermoplastics, OMNICOLOR multipurpose color concentrates, and MEVOPUR medical-grade masterbatches for the medical industry, delivering hundreds of standard colors as well as custom formulations and color/additive combibatches.


4.  From business machines and appliances to textiles, automotive components and packaging, designers, brand managers and plastics processors rely on cutting-edge color technology and in-depth technical support through more than 50 global manufacturing sites and regional offices.




1.  Under the REMAFIN brand name, Clariant markets color masterbatches (color concentrates) specially formulated for use in polyolefin polymers, including high-density, low-density and linear low-density polyethylene (PE), and polypropylene (PP).


2.  These materials are commonly used in injection molding, blow molding, film extrusion and other plastics processes.


3.  REMAFIN technology achieves extremely high color loadings with superior dispersion for optimum performance at lower usage levels and costs.


4.  Custom concentrates are available in almost any color you can imagine.


5.  We also offer black, white and standard colors, as well as combibatches that incorporate both color and performance-enhancing additives.


6.  Medical-grade Masterbatches for the medical industry are available under the MEVOPUR brand.


7.  For these and other applications in the packaging, automotive and housewares industries, and in fibers, textiles and carpeting, manufacturers trust Clariant to deliver beautiful consistent color backed by global availability and local support.




1.  PET and other forms of thermoplastic polyester are used in an ever-expanding range of applications, and Clariant has a key role leadsin the industry in developing RENOL masterbatch color solutions for these versatile materials.


2.  Whether you are using PET, PETG or copolymer resins, crystalline or amorphous, clear or translucent, rigid or flexible, molded, blow molded, extruded or spun into fibers, polyester presents unique challenges.


3.  Clariant carefully selects the right pigments and dyes to achieve your desired result.


4.  These color concentrates can be delivered as standard pellets, micro- or nano-granules, or in liquid form.


5.  They can be made as combibatches, with additives that enhance performance, and/or compounded under carefully controlled conditions to meet strict medical standards and regulations.

6.  With a global network of more than 50 manufacturing facilities, Clariant is ideally positioned to bring color and performance to polyester, almost anywhere in the world.




1.  Today’s demanding applications require the high-performance properties found in modern engineering polymers.


2.  To create the bright, durable and consistent colors that succeed in consumer marketplace, designers turn to RENOL masterbatches from Clariant.


3.  No other company has more knowledge and experience in finding color solutions for engineering resins that:

 ·   Stand up to high-temperature processing.

 ·   Do not adversely affect cricial properties like flame retardancy or mechanical strength.

 ·   Deliver consistent results in different base resins or resins that differ from region to region.

 ·   Comply with complex standards and regulations like UL, RoHS and REACH, as well as local and regional compliance issues.

 ·   Are manufactured under the MEVOPUR brand using strict controls and procedures that help expedite medical approvals.

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