1.   Across multiple industries there’s an increasing need for fibre solutions that can resist abrasion and chemical attack, at elevated temperatures.


2.   ZYEX FIBRES provide this durability and strength with a product range that can operate in extreme and demanding environments.


3.   Victrex produces ZYEX FIBRES for use in diverse applications, ranging from monofils for braided electrical cable protection and noise suppression fabrics for jet engines, to fuel filters for cars and mesh conveyors, or multifils for narrow woven industrial tapes and patented monofils for strings required within the leisure industry.


4.   ZYEX FIBRES can be woven, braided, knitted, twisted and needled with conventional equipment and technology

·       Thermal endurance – continuous operating range from -60oc to 260oc

·       Abrasion Resistance – especially at extreme temperatures

·       Chemical Resilience – in a wide variety of aggressive condition

·       High Purity – particularly important where sanitation is needed

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