• PLAVIS, the result of our independent polymerization technique, is a wholly aromatic polyimide and exhibits outstanding resistance to heat, wear, mechanical abrasion, radiation and chemicals.


  • Also, due to its ease of manufacture and electrical insulation properties, this environmentally friendly, super engineering plastic is used in various advanced industries including mechanicals, high vibration, electrical/electronics, chemicals, automobiles, space, aviation and military.


  • Direct Formed Parts


1.    Direct formed parts are produced using the powder metallurgy process, which involves either compression molding or sintering processes depending on the shapes of parts. 


       2.  Our automatic, advanced manufacturing facilities allow small parts in various grades to be supplied in large quantities.


  • Machined Parts


1.      Rod- and sheet-type parts are designed for a variety of environments and part shapes. 


2.      Our machined parts (MP) are manufactured using highly advanced power compressive molding compared to direct formed parts. 


3.      Due to the resultant absolute accuracy and perfectly even partial density, there are no specific direction properties, which makes PLAVIS machined parts more reliable and extraordinary than direct formed parts.

  • Tubes & Pipes
  • Composites