1.   APTIV film provides unmatched durability and reliability in the most demanding application environments.


2.   It incorporates all of the outstanding properties of VICTREX PEEK polymer in a thin-film format.


3.   Its balance of properties makes it the highest performing, most versatile thermoplastic film available on the market.


4.   Using conventional coating equipment, APTIV film can be coated with a range of materials including silicone and acrylic adhesives, B-stage heat activated adhesives, hard coats and printable top coats for labels.


5.   Being thermoplastic in nature, APTIV PEEK film can be thermally laminated to a variety of substrates such as metals, fabrics and other reinforced and non-reinforced polymer films using batch presses and roll-to-roll processes.

·       Enhance speaker lifetime by 300% due to improved reliability and durability

·       Increase output power in micro electro-acoustic devices and maintain excellent acoustic properties

·       Optimize resonant frequency and minimize total harmonic distortion

·       Design custom speaker diaphragms using unique processing flexibility

·       Reduce product failures with the ability to design waterproof (IP-rated) micro-speakers

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