1.     POKETONE has various advantages over POM, PBT, PA, PA12, PVDF etc.


2.     POKETONE is a tough semi-crystalline thermoplastic which has perfectly alternating structure of Carbon monoxide and Olefin.


3.     Major Properties of POKETONE :

 ·      Good Chemical Resisitance

 ·      Good dimensional stability

 ·      Low water moisture absorption

 ·      Low VOC

 ·      Good wear & abrasion property

 ·      High Impact strength compare to POM & PA

 ·      FDA, ROHS, REACH, WRAS & many other approval

 ·      Metal to plastic conversion

 ·      No annealing Required

 ·      Compounded grade with Glassfibre, FR, Wear, etc.

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