1.  We actively support medical device and pharmaceutical companies in managing the risk of changes in their products.


2.  Our dedicated expert team and comprehensive regulatory documentation actions help ensure that Clariant’s medical color and performance masterbatch concentrates and compounds are controlled, consistent and compliant.


·  Drug Delivery


1.  Colors for drug identification and branding, friction reduction, laser marking, gamma and e-beam protection, and much more.


2.  Besides protection, additives provide functionality such as radiopacity to allow surgeons to see plastic devices in x-rays that would be otherwise invisible, or to reduce friction in a drug delivery device that makes it easier for the patient to use.


·  Diagnostics (IVD)


1.  Functional additives help protect or enhance the performance of the polymers used in medical devices, diagnostics and pharmaceutical packaging, supporting your goal of delivering safe and reliable treatments.


2.  Our products are used as nucleating agents and clarifiers to enhance polymer properties, for conductivity and hydrophobicity.


·  Invasive Devices


1.  Our concentrate portfolio offers a wide range of standard and custom colors and functional additives in different resins.


2.  Applications include colors for safe identification and branding, for example for color coding for surgical devices, radiopaque catheter compounds, friction reduction and anti-microbial properties.


·  Pharmaceutical Packaging


1.  Color is important in pharmaceutical packaging for drug identification, light-blocking, oxygen protection, and anti-counterfeit properties.


2.  Our advanced liquid color and additive concentrates offer new options for pharmaceutical packaging, using the advantages and expertise of our innovative technology.


·  Functional Benefits


1.  Color helps to provide quick and reliable method of coding your device or pharmaceutical packaging, and to improve your brand, design and patient dose compliance.


2.  White in polyolefin bottles, and trans-amber in PET and COP, filter out damaging UV light. Additives protect the polymer during sterilization, and improve moisture and oxygen barrier properties.


3.  We offer compounds in polymers containing a choice of radiopaque fillers and a range of colors to meet your requirements for your devices, as well as new improved hydrolysis resistance.


4.  Modify the polymer to preferentially absorb Nd-YAG laser energy, allowing fast and reliable joining of plastic components or permanent mark for unique device identification.

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