Our coating powders are suitable for processing with electrostatic and vortex sintering procedures. Electrostatic coating with powder paints is of great economic significance. Ease of handling, the recovery of unused powders and the omission of solvents represent key advantages over wet painting.


Compared with conventional thermosetting powder paints, thermoplastic material can offer significant advantages in many applications. The functional powders of the LUVOCOM P product group close the gap between simple polyamide coatings and expensive high-performance coating systems based on fluoropolymers.


Exceptional wear resistance, excellent coefficients of sliding friction and high chemical resistance – LUVOCOM P consists of polyoxymethylene (POM), modified with PTFE added to optimize its already very good antifriction properties. Special additives guarantee a deep black appearance despite the PTFE content.


LUVOCOM P is also setting new standards in the field of environmental protection: unlike cross-linking antifriction paint systems, our thermoplastic coatings manage without problematic solvents when used as a powder layer. The material can be applied extremely economically by electrostatic means like a conventional powder paint (100 to 300 μm layer thickness).


A suitable primer system is employed in order to guarantee adhesion to metallic substrates, galvanized or phosphatized surfaces. This novel coating system of LUVOCOM P opens up numerous applications, which include car manufacturing and mechanical or precision engineering. 

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Energy
  • Electrical & Electronics
  • Consumer Goods