Polyphenylensulfide PPS


  • It is semi crystalline linear PPS
  • Service temperatures up to 240°C
  • Very good resistance to chemicals and solvents
  • Inherent flame resistant (UL 94 V-0, some grades 5VA)
  • Very low moisture absorption
  • Suitable for lead-free soldering
  • Excellent creep resistance even at elevated temperatures

We offer various type of grade as follows:

  • Standard unfilled PPS
  • Standard 40% glass filled PPS
  • Standard 65% glass mineral filled PPS
  • Flexible PPS
  • Blow molding grade PPS
  • Fast cycle grade PPS

Polyphenylensulfide (PPS)


  • Automotive (Air suction system, pumps, valves, components for exhaust feedback system)
  • Electrical and electronics application (plug and connector straps, coil shells, relay parts, switches, encapsulation of condensers and transistors)
  • Material handling equipments
  • Medical devices
  • Building and construction
  • Hot gas filtration system (filter bags)