Polyacetal Copolymer Granules - CELCON AND HOSTAFORM (POM)


  • Crystalline in nature
  • Very tough (to -40°C)
  • Very hard and rigid
  • Easy colorization
  • Good heat distortion temperature (to 100°C)
  • Very good slip/wear properties
  • Excellent chemical resistance to Fuels, Solvents, Strong Alkalis
  • Excellent resilience
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Resistant to stress cracking

Polyacetal Granules (hot product)

We offer various type of POM as follows:

  • Flexible POM
  • High Impact POM
  • Metallic POM
  • Low wear and low friction grade POM
  • Glass filled POM
  • Blow molding POM
  • UV POM
  • Anti-bacterial POM